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Vi Cresswell
Teacher of the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique & Progressive Movement

Hello, my name is Vi and I am a Teacher of the Alexander Technique based in Dorset. I specialise in improving health, vitality and well-being through developing awareness in mind and body, helping you to approach your daily activities constructively and engage your sense of balance, flexibility, strength and complexity of movement.

I offer one-to-one Alexander Technique Lessons online as well as from my home in Yetminster, Sherborne.  I also give individual AT lessons at Horton & Charlbury Village Hall, near Wimborne in Dorset.

I have also developed an evolving movement practice called PMP – Progressive Movement Practice – which fosters enjoyment and awareness in movement. PMP Classes are currently held online aswell as at Horton & Charlbury Village Hall, where I also offer Connect-Express Dance Classes.

How & Why the Alexander Technique?

Pain, discomfort, posture. These are the three main motivators for seeking an Alexander Teacher. I have been teaching for nearly forty years and have worked with people of all ages with various health and well-being conditions from the chronic and niggling to the painful and debilitating.

The approach is unusual: how can a communication through voice and touch create a gentle re direction of the mental and physical force under which our structure has been struggling into something more efficient and supportive for the body?

When I came across the Alexander Technique early in my life, I found a way to ask ‘HOW?’:

  • How do I move?
  • How do I think and feel when I move?
  • How can I experience and explore being in a body?
  • How do I, through my body, connect to everything around me and experience joy through movement?

I was drawn to teaching because I am fascinated by the ‘how?’ of other people. After nearly 40 years of teaching practice this is an enquiry I hold for all my students.

The principles of the Alexander Technique are simple: if I pause I can notice myself and the world around me. If I give myself a direction e.g. inviting my head to release forward and up from the top of my spine, or allowing my neck to be free and spacious, then I can soften the casing of unnecessary force which I put around my daily actions. I begin to remove the ‘stance’, the unenjoyable pressure on my system, physically, mentally and emotionally: pressure that may be causing me all manner of discomfort and pain. Instead I can allow a fresh experience of myself, more in tune with natural design, more connected, whole and as one.

In short the principles embody listening, allowing, inviting and giving kindness to yourself. These are the qualities which I hope to offer when you take part in AT Lessons, PMP (Progressive Movement Practice) Classes or Connect-Express Dance Classes.

The applications of the Technique are limitless.

I started Alexander Technique lessons with Victoria with the intention of improving my posture which I hoped might, in a small way, help with my recovery from ME / chronic fatigue syndrome.

However the journey has been far wider and deeper than I anticipated. Vi has an extraordinary sensitivity on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes which, through the Alexander Technique work, guides you on many levels back to a place of balance. For me this place of balance has helped my nervous system to function more efficiently which is aiding my recovery. It has also deeply affected my emotional recovery.

I couldn’t recommend Vi more highly, the journey I have taken with her has been profound.

J.E. June 2023

So Welcome to the Alexander Technique!

The following pages are designed to provide you with a few ‘lenses’ through which AT can be explored and continues to be developed. I hope to give you a sense of the scope of its possibilities and its relevance to today’s needs, through which you can find a doorway into your own health, well-being and joy of moving.

AT instead of Alexander Technique
Mr Alexander (who discovered and developed the Technique) was often referred to by his first name initials F.M.

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