Connect-Express Dance Classes

Connect-Express Dance

Connect-Express Dance Classes offer a space for you to connect with what’s happening in your body-mind-heart and to move with it, dance with it. These movements can be delicate, minimal, bold or dynamic.
You may find yourself completely with the floor, a wall, a chair, in standing. You may have lots of energy or feel you have very little at your disposal. Wherever you are, we meet to dance and in that space you are part of the dance.

I offer suggestions, images, ways into your dance; starting points from which you, from which we, develop.

In the connecting there is the expressing. You are on the move. When you are on the move, that which has become static or heavy can free up, like a reshuffle.

I can go into a dance space feeling heavy-hearted, sluggish and uninspired. An hour later and my body feels the joy of moving and expressing and my heart is happy.

Dance has that power. It is a gift and everyone – yes everyone – has a dance.

Connect-Express Dance Classes

Connect-Express Dance classes are held on alternate Thursdays
1.00pm – 2.00pm
Horton & Chalbury Village Hall
Horton Road
Horton, Wimborne
Dorset BH21 7JA

The classes roughly follow the school academic timetable.

£10 per session

Connect-Express Dance Classes

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