When an environment is safe and caring,
When there is time and space to absorb information and experience,
When the body is comfortable and breathing is natural and easy,
When there is a culture of appreciation and kindness,
When there is an atmosphere of possibility and discovery,
When a sense of wonder can be sustained,
Then education and learning can be a joy to ourselves and the community.

Education & Learning

Acquiring Skills for Life

Over the years there have been many ideas about the purpose of education, together with how and what to learn.

Perhaps the tendency to separate mind, emotion and body increases
confusion about how to pursue academic learning: Our minds are working while our body and emotions are not fully accounted for?

As adults we can look back on our school days and remember feelings of panic, inadequacy, frustration, pressure or boredom, as well as moments of achievement, satisfaction and absorption. These memories are also physical.

The Alexander Technique helps us to look after ourselves while we learn. When our bodies are comfortable learning can be a more satisfying and pleasurable experience and becomes integral to the process of learning itself.

In 2018 I took part in a Developing Self training course. These courses, designed by Judith Kleinman and Sue Merry, help Alexander teachers develop the language and skills to teach in primary, secondary and tertiary education. From their wealth of experience in teaching children and young people, they have also developed a resource website for teachers, parents and pupils.

Since 2018 I have been teaching the Alexander Technique, primarily to music scholars, at Bryanston School in Dorset. Bryanston is an independent secondary school. I also help co-ordinate the national support group for Alexander teachers working in educational settings. From this support group we are developing a project to make the Alexander Technique available in state schools, reaching teachers and students of every ability, ethnicity and means throughout the UK.

Comments from my Teenage Pupils at Bryanston

“Thank you for your tremendous support over the last few years. You have improved my posture so much and this has been noticed by many in recent months.”


“It is not often you meet people in your life that have such a positive effect on it.
Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful practice. It has had such a positive effect on my life. I feel I am beginning to feel my most relaxed self.”


“I have loved learning the Alexander Technique with you and will remember everything I’ve learned for the future!”


“Thank you for all your incredible AT lessons – they have really changed the way I play (cello) and I find myself correcting posture or noticing how I am moving, far more than ever before – even when brushing my teeth or doing the dishes! It’s made such a huge difference and it was the most wonderful and interesting lesson in my week.”


Videos Relating to the Alexander Technique in Education

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