In your circle:
A wish for security
A wish for contentment
A wish for kindness
May your circle be bright.
Overlapping circles:
A wish for appreciation
For joyful meetings
May our circles be bright.
For our planet earth:
With Gratitude
With Respect
As One.

Health & Well-being

Our sense of well-being is unique to each of us. While our survival needs remain constant throughout our lives, our needs to feel well can and do change. We may or may not be clear about what we need. We may feel contented but may also feel that something is lacking. We can also find ourselves without possibilities, without choices.

We can feel in pain, discomfort, stressed or anxious, tied up in knots and handicapped by our mental and physical habits.

  An Alexander teacher promotes the conditions for a healthy (not over-contracted) head, neck, back relationship and therefore the health of the spine and the co-ordination of the whole body. The teacher encourages an awareness of interference from patterns or habits which may be causing not only physical discomfort but also a restriction in thinking, which in turn affects mental and emotional attitudes. We may be unaware of the restriction and the effects it is having on our well-being. We may also be aware of debilitating patterns but think we can do nothing about them. Either way, these restrictions can reduce our choices and prevent us from realising our potential.

 AT addresses our inner environment, our outer environment and the relationship between the two, through the medium of touch, verbal invitation and direction. It encourages an undoing in the places where we try too hard and do too much, offering us the possibility and the choice of a kinder and easier response to living.

A Wider Perspective

Since 2021 I have been taking part in a monthly gathering of international Alexander teachers, committed to exploring ‘Undoing of White Supremacy’ within our profession as part of ‘Transforming the AT Community towards Equity, Accessibility, Inclusion and Belonging’.  I was initially nervous about taking part but am finding the sensitivity and honesty of the leaders, who are based in the USA, deeply moving. Unconscious assumptions and cultural bias and how they can colour teaching practice are considered in a respectful and non-judgemental online engagement. It has helped me question my practice, causing deeper reflection and encouraging me to review my approach to teaching, for which I am deeply grateful. Bringing these aspects from unconscious to a more conscious awareness has enhanced a sense of my own well-being;  I was unaware how white supremacy was impoverishing my sense of being in relation to the community of all people and locking me into subtle and restrictive responses.

My personal feeling is that assumptions about the human community are part of a greater bias concerning how we separate from and consider ourselves superior to nature and other species.

This disconnect is profoundly damaging to the planet as well as ourselves. The gratitude and well-being from being in nature felt by many during the Covid pandemic are indicative of this.

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